Between toggling some 28 odd open windows on my desktop on a Tuesday morning and nursing a hangover from the weekend trip, my life undergoes a sea change every 24 hours.

The usual suspects being a crazily hectic work life and a newly married ‘together’ life. But adding to the mayhem are my many myriad loves (note- they are not interests, they are loves that require passion) including traveling, marketing, photography, observing, listening to music, social media, reading, cooking, shopping, writing et al. Yes, I have over served my plate and let’s just say the plate looks more than full.

Am I liking this madness? I am lovin’ it!

So as I trudge along on the tight rope with all my baggage (read: work, life, loves) trying to balance while retaining my sanity, I figured there’d be many more who’ve been in/mastered my situation. I’d be talking here a lot more (assuming my life continues to throw something new at my face everyday) and if you have any learning, past experience, assent or dissent, point of view or simply a word- do comment, I’d know I’m not talking to the winds 😀

Remember, me and my stilettos kick ass!




2 responses to “B.I.S

  1. Chanced upon ur blog via ur twitter via candice. Phew! Voyeurism is all worth it when u finally land on something as candid & real as your pieces here! Intrigued with the honesty in each piece above. Impressed with the insightful Shopping piece. Well balanced, I must say 🙂

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