Pause. Press. Play.

The 2012 London Olympics Games are starting, may the best contenders win.

(Dear god, it won’t hurt if some of them are Indians)

When you play.

  • You’ll be what god intends you to be. A hero.
  • You’ll earn your stripes all your life and you’ll have it no other way.
  • You’ll taste your sweat mixed with your blood and soil. Sweet taste of glory.
  • The flame in the heart that fuels the soul will burn slightly brighter in you.
  • Goal. You’ll know it’s not just a four letter word.
  • You’ll know impossible is nothing. All you need is training.
  • You’ll be a Ph.D in calculated risks. Gut feeling is not just voices in the head.
  • You’ll push yourself to the edge repeatedly. You’ll never fall in your life.
  • You’ll be humble. You’ll sift through victories and know the grain from the chaff.
  • You’ll roast yourself in the sun while you train. You’ll show off your tan.
  • No matter how short you are. You’ll always stand tall.
  • You’ll you choose your battles wisely. You’ll have a game plan for pending ones.
  • You’ll be a just person. You’ll give your opponent a fair chance.
  • While looking for a mate the first thing you’ll notice is a small, tight bum.
  • You’ll be incapable of treason or blandishment. You would die than let yourself down.
  • You’ll look at your worst fears in the eyes. Hell, you’ll look at everything in the eyes.
  • You’ll cry. Lots. Including the men.
  • You’ll have more scars than tattoos. To you they are medals you’ve earned in your life.
  • You’ll know that a captain is as good as how he works with his team.
  • You’ll have sexy legs.
  • You’ll also have a spine, questions, opinions and an open mind.
  • You’ll know the value of your and other’s time. 7 AM can be 6:45 but not 7:10.
  • You’ll never lie. You’ll have an annoying amount of pride all your life.
  • You’ll respect everyone and know that everyone has a role to play.
  • Your word will always have worth. You know you can’t afford to be careless.
  • You’ll know when to quit. When the time comes, you’ll be clinical about it.
  • You’ll be a pain in everyone’s ass. Forever the player rarely ever the spectator.
  • You’ll never go down without giving a fair fight.
  • You’ll be a little less conversation a little more action.
  • You will mostly find your god lurking in a field/court/arena/ring.
  • Passion. Courage. Determination. Strength. Joy.

So why don’t you pick a sport or two?


The author is formally trained/training in Basketball, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Gymnastics and Weight Training. She keeps dabbling with Running, Cycling and Badminton every now and then. She was an asthmatic child. Needless to say, she’s always up for a game.


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